Printable Puzzles for Kids – (Frozen) Level – Easy

Hi, we are going to share printable puzzles for kids at different levels.

First we start with the easy ones (5 pieces)

Soon we’re going to add other levels too.

Hope you enjoy and have great time with your kids!

You can download all printables in A4 HD format below the images.

1- Frozen Princess Elsa
Level : Easy

Frozen Princess Elsa Puzzle (87 downloads)

2- Frozen Princess Anna
Level- Easy

Frozen Princess Anna Puzzle (35 downloads)

3- Frozen Princess Anna – 2
Level- Easy

Frozen Princess Anna -2 (18 downloads)

4- Frozen Characters – Hans
Level- Easy

Frozen Characters - Hans - Easy (19 downloads)

5- Frozen Characters – Duke of Weselton
Level- Easy

Frozen Duke of Weselton (11 downloads)


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